Football team wins Homecoming Game

Football team wins Homecoming Game


The Chargers score a touchdown during their Homecoming win over Elmwood Park

Roberto Amendariz, Staff Writer

The Varsity football team scored four touchdowns to defeat Elmwood Park 26 – 21 for a Homecoming night win on Sept. 13. Casey Scalise was able to take credit for his amazing hair and leadership that day in order to help secure a Chargers home victory.

“The boys were focused that day, you could tell there was something different in them,” said Coach Griffin. “Most of it formed from Casey Scalise as he was able to put his team in this intense and focused mindset during the game.”

The Chargers were preparing all week for the homecoming game that they were so destined to win. You could tell by the changes in their practice alone that they were going to make something big happen and shock the world.

“Victor Johnson was also a gigantic leader during the game also,” said Griffin. “You could easily tell due to his game changing hits of the night laying people flat out on the field.”

You could say all the Chargers played with their hearts that night with complete intensity and focus.

Not to forget the Chargers’ Brandon Johnson, who is one you could say never quit.

The Chargers have seen their running back do amazing things on the football field such as returning basically a 100 yard kick off, but when it came to that day, not only did he make plays gaining yards up the field, he had a look in his eye that made him seem thirsty. Not thirsty for a drink, but thirty for a win. You could tell by the way he broke out of tackles and made plays out of what seemed to be almost nothing running over 200 yards in that game.

“Brandon Johnson has always been an amazing part of the team, we are glad to have such a great player in our presence,” Griffin said.

That night was one of two victories for the Chargers on the season as they went 2-7 on the season.