St Joe’s boys soccer wins sectional match in 4 OTs


Carlos Montero, Staff Writer

On Wednesday October 27, the Charger soccer team played an intense game against Riverside-Brookfield High School. The game remained tied after 80 minutes, leading into a 30 minute overtime. Again, it was as intense as before. The Charger fans chanted and supported the Charger soccer team like never before. Half of the stadium was Charger fans. This only could mean that the fans knew it was a game nobody could miss.

A couple seconds left in the second half of the first overtime, RB fouled St. Joe’s in the penalty area. Ruben Estrada is determined to take the penalty kick. The crowd grew louder, they were out of control. The Charger soccer team saw this as a victory. As Ruben was ready to approach the ball to take the penalty kick the crowd fell silent. The sound of the goal post was heard. He missed the shot.

The teams played another over time except in this set of overtime rules, whoever scores first, wins, which is known as the “golden goal.” Ruben saw this as an opportunity to redeem himself and prove the crowds, his coach, and most importantly his team, what the Chargers are capable of achieving.

On the 7th minute in the 4th overtime, Ruben rushed full speed towards the right side of the field, sprinting through RB’s defender and shot the ball with immense precision and speed, past the keeper and into the net for the game winning goal! The crowd went wild again and they rushed to the field to celebrate. Ruben had broken the tie and ended the game with a score of 2-1.

After missing the penalty kick in the first overtime that would’ve surely given the Chargers the win, Ruben was devastated. RB was determined to win and they didn’t make it easy, but Ruben and the rest of the Chargers lasted any onslaught the Bulldogs brought forth and remained in the game, just to be given another opportunity to win the game. It was fitting that Ruben Estrada be given that chance and the eventual golden goal after missing earlier, capping one of the best moments in Charger sports history.