St.Joes vs. Morton Girls Volleyball


Leslie Martinez, Staff writer

On Wednesday October 3 a highly anticipated volleyball game against Morton East and West was waiting for our very own St. Joes, girls. Freshman Lost with the first game of 5-25 and the second game 17-25 while junior varsity won 25-19 for their first game and second game 26-24. Unfortunately varsity lost 8-25 for their first game and 14-25 for their second game.

One of the volleyball coaches, Fernando Valencia an alumnus of Morton West, so he was eager to make sure his team was going to win against one his former school. Therefore two days before the match the JV team was preparing with repetitive passing drills during the whole practice. This was a practice in which Coach Valencia was hitting a variety of different down balls in different directions to really push the girls to their full potential and be prepared for the game.

Two days later the Morton girl’s volleyball teams walked in to the gym. Considering that they are larger schools (Morton East having near 4,000 students and West with 3,000 students) they obviously had a noticeably larger amount of girls on their teams. Many of the people from St.Joes, greeted their friends that they knew from Morton creating an aura of friendliness and competitiveness at the same time.

One of the main highlights of the Morton vs. St. Joseph game was the junior varsity game that bought a win for the St. Joseph girls. One of the varsity players Tara Luczak was watching the entire game from the bench and said that” It was a competitive match; they came together and played together and besides that during the whole game I kept cheering- I couldn’t keep quiet.” Another varsity volleyball player Jordan Karovic also said the team’s hard work had paid off since many of the girls have been playing together since freshmen year.

After the game Coach V was happy that he had beat one of his former volleyball coaches and said it would be one of the most memorable victories the junior varsity team has ever had; the girls played disciplined and showed so much enthusiasm on the court. He told his team “Everything that I could possibly think of, you girls applied it on the court and played your very best.”