Tara Luczak, Staff Writer

The night of October 6th the school gym will be glowing… literally. With homecoming rapidly approaching, student council has been hard at work with the many preparations.

Last year’s theme for homecoming was City Lights and we are now upgrading to neon lights with St. Joes Glow. With the homecoming week quickly approaching there are many things to plan for. The week of homecoming will start Monday with several of the teachers’ baby pictures in the cafeteria and the students having to guess who they are.  “I think it is going to be hilarious especially for some of the teachers that still have baby pictures in black and white,” snickered Mr. Brokenshire, co-moderator. Things will start to pick up on Wednesday during lunch because there will be a karaoke machine set up for anyone that wants to give it a whirl. Thursday is when the Powder Puff game will take place between the junior and senior girls. When I asked Mr. Brokenshire has his own prediction on the outcome “I gotta say the seniors they do every year.” Mr. Brokenshire also mentioned the homecoming game Friday night, under the lights at Elmhurst College but not before the pep rally at the end of the day on Friday.

To conclude the week there will be the homecoming dance that will run from 7 to 10:30 Mr. Brokenshire said that “There will be about 10 teachers there as supervisor. The tickets are priced at $25 for single and $40 for a couple. Some might think that this is a lot but when you think about all the things that it will cover it is actually a decent price. The ticket money will cover the DJ from Good Life Entertainment, the food, the labor for the set up and take down, and lastly all of the photos that are going to be taken. “We will be able to have a little extra money for a start for next year,” said Mr. Brokenshire.

For the pep rally there will be many new things going on. “There will defiantly be tradition in the games that we will be doing; tug of war, trying to get back at the deans (like last year we taped Mr. Beltran to the wall) , and introducing the fall sports,” he said.

“This year should be better because we are more on top of things and prepared. There will be a completely new set up.”