King and Queen of the 2012 Homecoming Court


Elena Cerino and Hector Crespo

Rachel Lang

Every year during homecoming week, St. Joseph High School holds their annual tradition of picking a king and queen out of the elected seniors. At the pep rally Thursday, October 5th, the St. Joseph faculty and student council announced the king and queen. The winners of the 2012 Homecoming court were Elena Cerino and Hector Crespo.

The Queen nominee was revealed first, as Elena Cerino’s name was called an enormous smile appeared on her face. “I was so surprise! I didn’t know how to react, but I was so happy and felt special in that moment. I wanted that moment to last.” Elena explains. Next, the king was called and Hector also had a gigantic grin from cheek to cheek. When asked if Hector was surprised, he responded, “Surprised? Yeah for sure, I wanted to win but I didn’t really think I was going to. It was cool though; I really appreciate and want to thank all the students that voted for me and I couldn’t have done it without my queen, Elena.” Elena also agreed that it was a surprise, “To be completely honest I didn’t even think I was close to winning. I was going up against people who are well known and more involved in school than I am.”

This year the queen nominees were Carly Michelotti, Clarisa Sandoval, Elena Cerino, Jennifer O’Hagan, and Rachel Luczak. The king candidates were Pat Brown, Jimmy Adams, Hector Crespo, Ricky Gamboa and Josh Grayson. These seniors chose to nominate themselves, if their criteria matched up, they went on further in the process. The students had to obtain a 2.8 GPA, participate in one school related extracurricular activity, demonstrate good conduct with no major violations and to have two faculty members sign for a recommendation. Then, the senior and junior class had to elect five girls and five boys from the pool of students to be on the homecoming court. On Wednesday the junior and senior class had the opportunity to elect the king and queen.

“I ran in court because it’s high school, I’m a senior and I wanted to have fun and be remembered as something, anything.” Elena explains. Hector Crespo also clarifies “I wanted to win, if I didn’t want to win I wouldn’t have signed up in the first place, but it was really fun.”

The nominees that didn’t win expressed their opinions and voice. Carly Michelotti responded, “I mean I thought it would have been cool to win, but it’s all good. I didn’t take it too seriously; it was just something fun to try out.” Josh Grayson explains, “I’m not upset I didn’t win. I was just doing it for fun just like everyone else. I’m grateful that I got nominated the first time and that’s all I could ask for. My favorite part of homecoming is the actual dance, but other than that everything is pretty [great].”

Next year, the juniors will have the opportunity to run for homecoming court and the tradition will continue; it will always remain an exciting time of the year.