PowderPuff 2012 goes to the seniors


Paris Morgan, Staff Writer

The annual powderpuff game was played on Thursday, October 4, 2012 in the fields of St. Joseph High School. The seniors took another win for the second year in a row with a final score of 7-0. All of the kudos can be given to Jaylah Brooks for her 20 yard run to give the seniors their only points of the game.

The rivalry began the week prior to homecoming week when both groups met in the Global Resource Center. The meeting was brief and stated the date and time of the actual game and what days were recommended for practicing. Homecoming week began on October 1, 2012 and that was the day of the first practice for both teams. Senior Melissa Hollingshed,  said, “The first three days of practices were not as successful as we wanted it to be, but on the day of the game we practiced before the game and it was the best practice that gave us the motivation we needed to win.” On the other hand junior Tara Luczak, said, “Our practices consisted of throwing and catching the ball at first then we began to run different plays that Coach Kam had prepared for us.” Both teams practiced every day leading up to the actual game.

Game day came sooner than everyone expected. On that morning, the hallways were glowing with neon green shirts to represent the junior class and neon pink shirts to represent the senior class. There was a lot of talking amongst both groups in the hallways about who would win the game. Of course both groups claimed the title of winner but in the end there can only be one that can say they were victorious.

Coach Jedrey has provided some insight into the rules as he officiated the game. He said, “Well the rules were simple. There could only be 11 on 11 at time (offense vs. defense), the girls played on an 80 yard field, this was a no kicking game, 10 yards would give the team a first down, and a touchdown was worth 7 points.”

The seniors had some nice plays. Senior Taquera Taliaferro recovered the ball for her team. Ajah Aviles and Shaya Minter contributed to the running game to give their team many yards. Déjà Horn, Becky Ruiz, and Marlee Polak contributed to the juniors tremendously.

Although the game is loved by many, there should be a few rules enforced for next year’s game. Practice should become mandatory if one wishes to play. The coach of the juniors, Kameron Toney, said, “There were only a few girls that participated in practice, but at the game, more girls showed up than I had anticipated which overwhelmed me.” At the game, many girls were just running on the field and there was no order with who would play what positions. Even though the game may not have been the best, the crowd enjoyed every bit of the game. Many students can’t wait to witness next year’s game with the current juniors facing off with the current sophomores.