St. Joseph leading the (technological) way again


Amber Mataczynski, Staff writer

Last month, the class of 2017 was the first to receive the new piece of the technology the school has to offer. Leading up to the reveal, the technology department spent a year and a half researching different devices. Throughout that process, they were trying to find a product that was as powerful and durable as the laptops.

Also, the tablets would need to work with our schools infrastructure. The result was the HP ElitePad 1000 G2.

According to the Director of Technology at St. Joes, Ms. Boros says, “The best feature of this tablet is the protective case, which is called the productivity case. The case incorporates the keyboard right into it and 2 USB ports for a flashdrive, or a wireless mouse, or being able to connect a projector to the device. Another feature of the case is you can use an SD card for additional storage.”

Even the sophomore teachers are taking a liking to the new device.

Geometry teacher, Mr. Schumacher adds that, “I really like the small compactness of the tablet. Last year, teaching with the laptops was difficult because it would take up the entire student desk. I like the tablets better because the laptops would take forever to start up, which really wasted instructional time waiting for them to fire up to be ready to use.”

A final note from Mr. Schumacher is he thinks the tablets are great because in math it gives students a chance to explore.

To conclude, a review from a student, Allie Grengs.

She says, “I like them. I like the fact that we can type papers in school now instead of having to write it then retype again at home. My teachers are good at using them for in class assignments and group projects.”

A big round of applause goes to the technology department for all their hard work, thank you!