Countdown begins for Christmas break, a time to recharge the batteries


Students are looking forward to Winter Break.

Stefania Renteria, Staff writer

Just as much as students enjoy Christmas break for the holidays, they also appreciate the break between semesters.

There’s all kinds of students that do differently things during Christmas break. Students during the break tend to spend most of the time resting and spending quality time with their families. And there’s those who enjoy being physically active for example picking up extra hours at work, spending more time at the gym, or simply hanging out with friends. And there’s those who enjoy catching up on shows, reading, including working on homework.

Christmas break gives students the opportunity to take some time off and enjoy themselves. Traveling has always been a great way to find yourself and create new memories.

“I love the fact that I don’t have to worry about school during the holidays,” Alexandra Meza said. “This way I can visit my family in Mexico and enjoy the moment.”

Students enjoy freedom, Christmas break is a way of giving those students what they seek for.

“During the break I just like to live in the moment, you know,” Khristian Alvarez said. “Being able to have some free time always feels nice.”

For students break is a great opportunity to work on assignments and complete college or work applications. As students we all have plans for our future and having the opportunity of free time gives the chance to create focus on our future careers and plan our next move.

“Personally I hang out with family,” Jaime Gonzales said. “As a college student I go back home, spend time with family, and hang out with friends. “I enjoy the company of being with people I love.”

No matter which part of Christmas break you enjoy, it will be here sooner than you think.