Junior Ring ceremony a success


What this year’s junior rings look like.

Sarah Labellarte, Staff writer

For every student at St. Joseph, the annual Junior Ring Ceremony is a big deal. It is a milestone in our journey through high school. Becoming an upperclassman at a high school level is a big deal for a number of reasons, and that is why it means so much to be celebrated for it.

On Thursday, November 10, St. Joseph held its annual ceremony in the gymnasium for the graduating class of 2018. Many students and their families showed up to show their support. English teacher and St. Joe’s alumni Mr. Sinacore gave a speech that touched every junior’s heart. It reminded us of just how important it is to be a junior, and to enjoy high school while we are still here.

“When I first put my class ring on, I felt the exact same way that Mr. Sinacore felt when he put his on for the first time,” said Rachel Brokenshire.

Although some rings were either too small or too big, there is no doubt that the ring encompassed our journey throughout high school. By putting the ring on, it signified that we were no longer apart of the pool of underclassman. We are now examples for those who come after us.

“The ceremony over all brought tears to my eyes. Knowing that my own baby was not a baby anymore was a bitter sweet feeling,” said my mother, Kelly Labellarte.

This feeling proved to be true for everyone, now onto the next chapter.