Making someone’s Holiday season, one gift at a time

Annual Adopt-a-Kid program another success


Every Christmas season, St. Joseph students and teachers buy gifts for those les fortunate

Emma Checchi, Staff writer

Adopt-a-kid is a small event that takes place at St.Joseph High School. Each homeroom pitches in money for the adopted child in need. The kids can range in age from very young to high school age. Homerooms will buy the kids toys and other necessities for the holidays. Adopt a kid allows children who don’t have much to feel the kindness of others by receiving something as simple as a christmas present.

This year’s adopt a kid ended Dec. 8 and went well. Everyone at St. Joseph seems to support and like the adopt a kid event.

“Adopt a kid is cool because I feel like I’m really helping someone in need,” said Rachel Brokenshire, a St. Joseph junior.

When the money is collected, the students have the choice to purchase the kids toys themselves. The budget is average $10-20, so Walmart and Target are hits to buy the toys. Students buy the kids one toy and a necessity, such as hats, gloves, etc.

“That’s the fun part of adopt a kid,” said St. Joseph Junior, Sarah Labellarte. “I like buying them (the kids) toys, it like makes me happy.”

The adopt-a-kid tradition will continue to live on at St. Joseph high school and continue to make a difference. Children in need will get a taste of the Christmas spirit, and we have the St. Joseph students and staff to thank.