Seniors escape with Powder Puff victory in tightly-fought contest

Junior Calli Hilgenberg fires the football downfield looking for an open receiver.

Junior Calli Hilgenberg fires the football downfield looking for an open receiver.

Fiona Leiva, Correspondent

This year’s Homecoming Week was a great success.

On Tuesday, Sept. 5, the festive mood was set with a movie out on the athletic fields during the evening. On Wednesday, Sept. 6, one of the more anticipated events took place, though – the Powderpuff Game. Powderpuff has been a long standing Homecoming week tradition where the junior girls face off in a fun game of football with the senior girls.

It was a cool 60 degrees, with overcast looming over the players, but nothing could stop the Chargers and the game began without a hitch. The seniors came and represented their shirts in grey while the juniors showed their Charger red, it was evident that both teams came with victory on their minds. Aside from the desire for victory it was obvious that students from each grade came out to support their team and faculty came together to support their students.

Touchdowns amidst the screaming and cheering came from Iyanna Lusk (Junior), Maia Marshall (Senior), and finally (with only one minute left in the first half) Tianna Farias (Senior). The stress was high within the junior team and during half time they re-strategize in the hopes of coming back strong. The stakes were high and the tense atmosphere is felt as the second half begins.

The juniors come through and Hannah Boykin-Williams scored a touchdown, raising team spirit for the juniors as they tied the score. Another boost to morale for the juniors came when an attempted touchdown for the seniors was thwarted by the juniors. Alas these boosts were not enough to deter the seniors and the game ended with a final touchdown by Farias, giving the seniors the win.

While the seniors did enjoy their victory there was no doubt that the juniors were grateful for their time on the field and for those who came out to support them.

“Events like Powderpuff show true spirit because we see people come out and show their support,” junior Jessica Garcia said.

The seniors dedicated their victory to teamwork.

“I think our teamwork helped us win this game,” senior Mariya Mendoza said. “I think we came together better than the juniors were able to.”

School spirit and pride is something held close to all the students’ hearts, our integrity keeps it alive and well every day. Homecoming Week remains a testament to our pride and legacy. We wait in anticipation for the next school event where Charger colors will shine!