New School Year brings on New Schedule

Violet Day brings on Period 7 as the first period of the day.

Violet Day brings on Period 7 as the first period of the day.

Tessa Martyn, Staff writer

Sometimes change is a good thing. Or is it…?

This year at St. Joseph High School, students and faculty have been running on a rotating schedule. The way the rotating schedule works is each day there is a different class at different periods of the day.

Studies show that this system not only helps student learn at their very best but it also helps prevent boredom throughout the classroom. So far it has had a more positive effect on the students because they are more receptive and alert. It allow students to gain organization skills and ultimately helps students gain more education in the long run. It’s a more-structured school day and helps students become more mature in more ways than others.

At St. Joe’s, the students and faculty both agree that the schedule change has impacted our high school more positively.

Ms. Kalal, who has taken up the role of dean of students, sees things positively so for.

“I like it a lot and students have been responding to it positively which seems to help with adjusting to it,” Ms. Kalal said. “It makes every day a bit different which is kind of nice.”

The schedule has affected the faculty members more positively, as well, because their free periods are at different times of the day which is nice for them.

“I wouldn’t change anything about it, I think it’s been good,” Ms. Kalal added.

Through students’ perspectives, I chatted with both a senior and a sophomore about the new schedule.

Senior Sarah Labellarte stated that “the new schedule makes the days go by faster and makes the days more fun because we are switching them up,” she said, adding “the new schedule has affected the students and faculty more positively in my opinion.”

The only thing she would change about the schedule would be less green day’s because they aren’t benefiting the students as they should be.

This new change has taken some adjusting for everybody including the faculty.

Ms. Wagner stated that “the teachers had a harder time adjusting to the new schedule than the students. I would change the new schedule to a five-day a week rotation schedule vs. a seven-day rotation schedule.”

Junior Dakota Burns stated that “the new schedule preps us for college and has had a both negative and positive effect for different students because some have trouble following the new schedule.”

Overall, the new rotating schedule has been a good change and stated by Ms. McGinn “hasn’t had a negative outcome. It’s been a good change for St. Joe’s.”

Let’s hope the rotating schedule will be around for years to come at St. Joe’s and will continue to have a positive effect on students and faculty in the future.