Keeping our Students safe

New Dean Ms. Kalal is working on making St. Joseph even safer than it already is.

New Dean Ms. Kalal is working on making St. Joseph even safer than it already is.

Phoebe Unzueta, Staff writer

A topic that has been on the mind of many parents due to recent events is school safety. Any place you go, there is an unfortunate need to keep cautious and alert because this is now the type of world we live in. Since the Sandy Hook School Shooting in 2012, schools across the country have improved their safety policies and have completed more necessary drills.

Saint Joseph High School’s policies beforehand included the doors being kept locked with only the office staff being able to unlock and individual visitor check-in. The office is also able to contact each classroom through an intercom system and teachers standing in the hallways during passing period.

With these procedures in place, sophomore Lucy Gonzalez feels safe, “I feel safe, I’m glad they keep the doors locked. We don’t want random people walking in,” she expressed.

Fellow sophomore Nicholas Fuentes seems to be in agreement saying, “I feel pretty safe. Especially with a fire station next door if something happens,” he stated.

Under the new Dean of Students Kristin Kalal, the schools has undergone some safety changes. One major change that occurred over the summer at St. Joe’s was the switch between the main and business offices.

This occurred because when people come to the school they mostly need to go to the business office. To no longer have people roaming the school to get here, the business office was moved to front of the school for safety reasons, along with convenience.

In addition to this Dean Kalal has formed an Emergency Operation Procedure Committee consisting of some of the school’s faculty and teachers. She explained, “We work to update and modify policies and procedures like fire drills,” Kalal remarked, “We talk to Officer Verber, who is our community resource officer for Westchester schools, to refine these policies and procedures,” she said.

This year the safety committee is to especially focus on active shooter and bomb threat drills. They are working with the Westchester Police Department to be able to complete this drill during the year. The committee is also going to be working on completing several other drillS throughout the year.

These actions have helped secured even more how freshmen CeCe Gomez feels at school, “This just makes me feel even safer at school,” she simply stated on the policy and procedure updates.

Furthermore under Dean Kalal, the staff of St. Joseph’s have undergone a more extensive and detailed orientated safety training. In the case of a bomb threat, the administration assistants and faculty have worked with Officer Verber to know what to do in this scenario.

Saint Joseph High School have kept students’ safety as their number one priority and continue this today. The formation of a new Emergency Operation Procedures Committee has kept this especially true. With the group constantly updating and improving policies and procedures and the school being at the safest it has ever been, there is no need for a student to ever feel unsafe at Saint Joseph’s.