Seniors readying themselves for the next level

Next year, seniors will be trading in the views from Westchester like ones for this, from Boston University.

Next year, seniors will be trading in the views from Westchester like ones for this, from Boston University.

Phoebe Unzueta, Staff writer

It is currently the most stressful time of the year for high school seniors: college application season. St. Joseph High School seniors are at different places in their college search and are able to handle the various amounts of stress radiated during this time period.

Some seniors are just beginning their search by researching schools and are still figuring out what they want to do with the rest of lives. Others have visited schools but are still in the process of applying and are possibility waiting to hear back from some colleges. Then there are ones that have finished applying and have heard back from most of their schools.

“Ideally, a senior at this point in time will be actually completing applications currently,” stated Counselor John Korso, “Or will have completed a bulk of their applications by now and that’s because November 1st is the first major early deadline.”

Senior Samuel Johnson began his search in late August, has finished his applications, and filed FAFSA. This being the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, which determines how much aid a student is eligible for.

Based on the ideal timeline Sam does believe that he is on the right track.

“I have turned in all of my colleges and have done a good amount of scholarships. I think I’m in a pretty good position,” Johnson explained.

For every senior that is finished with applications, there is another just beginning. For students starting in the second quarter, it can be hard to know where to begin. Luckily the local counseling department knows just where to begin.

“Continue exploring what you want and what you are looking for…Then check-in with your counselor, let us know what your plans are and let us assist you with those plans from there,” commented Korso.

Fellow senior Hannah Walker has begun her college search and knows what she would like to major in but has not applied to any schools as of yet. The resources available at school have helped Hannah in her search.

“Going on the school’s website has helped me find what to major in and find out what I may want to do,” she explained.

The Counseling Department has made many resources available to students and parents online and in school to help assist in them in their research even before junior or senior year. By speaking with students during their freshmen and sophomore years has helped students gain a better understanding of everything involved in a search.

The department has hosted a College Planning Night over the years and regularly posts vast opportunities for students on their extensive webpage. Any college information a student could need is available on the Counseling Department page. It is also very easy to contact your counselor either through email or visiting them in person before or after school.


No matter where a student is at in their college process there is no need to fret, your counselor is there to guide and assist you on your journey. To all the senior out there during this very stressful time period, good luck!