Movin’ on Up

Ms. Kalal goes from the classroom to St. Joe’s new Dean of Students

Ms. Kalal is hard at work entering detentions into the system.

Ms. Kalal is hard at work entering detentions into the system.

Bella Fuentes, Staff writer

A familiar face is now in control of the students at St. Joe’s this year. Kristin Kalal is our new dean, making this her 10th year total teaching here. While she is enforcing the rules from last year, she is planning some new events and is bringing some fun ideas to the table with her new position this year.

One of the first things we did as a school under her direction was Olympic Day, in which she gives credit to Ms. McGleam and student council for planning. This event was certainly a great way to start off the new school year! Ms. Kalal wants every student to enjoy their stay at St. Joe’s, and this event made that clear.

“I’m really all about school spirit and students having fun,” she stated. “I want to be able to let you guys have fun as long as students follow the rules.”

Students have very pleasant opinions on Ms. Kalal

Kalal is connecting more with students one-on-one during all three of the lunch periods, and uses this time to get to know them more, as she only teaches Honors Anatomy and Physiology this year. The rest of the day, she can be seen running around the halls due to her otherwise busy schedule.

She misses being both the health and P.E. teacher, mainly because they act differently than when they are learning in the classroom. However, she is still coaching track, so she will still be working with athletes.

Kalal says that she is planning to start some new clubs that students have suggested, and is also planning to go on “service learning” days as a special event. For now, she says to look forward to dress down days, as there is talk of a “college t-shirt” day in addition to the breast cancer awareness dress down day.