St. Joseph honors those stricken with breast cancer with awareness day

The windows by the cafeteria were decorated in honor of breast cancer awareness day.

The windows by the cafeteria were decorated in honor of breast cancer awareness day.

Phoebe Unzueta, Staff writer

Besides being the month of Halloween, October is an important month for Breast Cancer survivors, decreased victims, and their families. This a time for them to spread awareness for the disease that affects over a quarter of a million women and kills almost 40,000 each year in the United States alone.

Many different organization, charities, schools, and individuals are helping to aid in the effort to spread awareness, including St. Joseph. During the last weeks of October, the student council launched a Think Pink Fundraiser to collect funds for awareness.

Tricia McGleam, moderator of the student council, stated that it was the students that inspired the event.

“I would definitely say that it was the enthusiasm of the student, especially in the student council,” she said. “A lot of them wanted to honor their own loved ones and just being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we just thought it would be a nice tribute.”

If a student donated two dollars of more to fundraiser during their lunch periods, they were able to dress down the following Monday. They were able to wear a pink shirt, jeans, and boots or sneakers.

The following Monday, about 200 students donated and dress-downed in pink and all students, including those who did not donate, wore the iconic pink ribbon pinned to their shirt. From this part of the fundraiser alone, a total of $438 was raised.

Dean of Students Kristin Kalal was also very proud of students on their part during the dress down day.

“I thought the kids had a really good experience being able to dress down and they did really job of following the guidelines for the dress down day,” Kalal stated.

During their lunch period the students were able to pick from an assortment of pink baked goods donated by not only student councils members but other students and faculty members. The second part of the Think Pink fundraiser collected a total of $319. This made a grand total of $757 donated by the Charger Family to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Many enjoyed being part of this including Sophomore Dana Luczak.

“My cousin has breast cancer and I was happy that student council did this,” she said as to how proud she felt to donate to this worthy cause.

Many students and faculty members were proud to do something that affects many women throughout our community. Participating in an event that did some good and is fun at the same time is fulfilling for a school community that loves to give back and help those in need. Let us look forward to the next event planned by student council to help not only the St. Joseph community but the entire world community.