Helping those in need, one meal at a time

Helping those in need, one meal at a time

Bella Fuentes, Staff writer

It’s the Holiday Season, and every year St. Joseph loves to show how much it cares by donating to those in need. Just as in the years before, we as a school will be donating food for our annual food drive.

Each homeroom is assigned their own boxed or canned item to bring in, such as pie crust mix or canned corn. These will then be taken to a local food pantry for families who cannot afford their Thanksgiving or Christmas meal.

Co-president of the Student Council, Phoebe Unzueta has stated her opinions of the turnout for the donations.

“I’m proud that we managed to bring in a lot of food for those who need it,” she said. “I hope the families will enjoy their dinners.”

Homerooms love to compete and see who rakes in the most food. All of the homerooms brought in some food to donate. However, Mr. Blatt’s homeroom has managed to bring in an impressive pile of marshmallows for the donations.

On Monday, Nov. 20, students from Mr. Zitzer’s Honors American History class organized and separated the cans of food into baskets for each family during 5th period. These baskets full of canned food represented one meal for a family in need.

Let’s hope these families have a nice and safe holiday. We also hope that they enjoy our donations and are grateful for the small acts of kindness from our students.