To work…Or not to work

Many students juggle studies with part-time, after-school jobs


The appeal of some spending money leads many high school students to look for part-time work.

Fiona Leiva, Correspondent

While being a teen has its challenges, it’s also a very interesting time to experiment with things and topics that make you excited. Through school, teens get to divulge in interests that range from artistic to athletic. Regardless of whatever hobby or interest it may be, you might be in need of some spare change.

Each year, another generation of part-time teens join the workforce to use the money for their wants or needs. Whatever the reason, teens can over estimate how much time they are willing to put into work versus the amount of effort put in school.

It’s tempting to see the amount on a paycheck increase with the hours forgetting that there are only so many in a day. High schoolers go to school and are instructed with the expectation that they will use some time afterward to work on assignments that supplement their learning. However, some teens will use this time for work without accounting for what their primary concern should be.

As a result, we see that grades can falter and students become more stressed than they were before; yet it is justified because they are able to have a taste for independence that they haven’t had before. So they come to the decision of what exactly they would like to do with these two responsibilities.

If someone is struggling in school to begin with and needs extra help, it may be more beneficial to focus on school first. Other students may need help paying for ACT tests or paying for their high school tuition, and have no alternative but to look for a job.

With that being said, jobs are by no means all bad. If a teen were in a position where they needed a job they could learn very valuable life skills such as time management, budgeting, and overall work experience. Ultimately it is up to the teen to choose wisely as to whether or not a job would hinder them or be beneficial.