Career Day another Success


Chris Perez, Correspondent

On April 13th, 2018, the students of St. Joseph High School participated in their annual Career day. The different kind of occupations included people from the trades, entrepreneurs, first responders, and a women from cyber security.

There were four gentlemen who explained the trades which included jobs such as: carpenters, masons, plumbers, painters, plasters, and glaziers. Two of the presenters worked for the pipefitters industry and the other two worked as mechanics. They talked about what is that they do and explained that the trades is not an easy job to do; it requires a lot of hard labor with a lot of physical activity and being able to wake up at 4:00 in the morning. One interesting fact about going into this job is that you do not need a college degree to work but at least need a high school diploma. To most students’ surprise, a union worker working in the trades can make up to $100,000 a year with many benefits including great medical care and retirement plan. They explained how the number of union workers have declined due to college and other occupation and so there in need or new union workers to replace the older generation. The presentation had the students hooked and it was a great way to start off career day.

Four gentlemen, two officers and two firefighters, received the students in the gymnasium of the school to talk about their jobs as first responders. The two officers explained how they each have a routine and a different shift each month varying from the day to the night shift. They explained that right after college they enter the police academy were the need to pass a written and physical test to become a police officer. They explained that some police officers have different uniforms and the lighter the uniform, the higher ranking the officer is. The students were very enthusiastic when each officer explained the type of equipment an on-call officer had and what an off-call officer had. The firefighters talked about the daily life of a firefighter and what they get called to and also talked about their one day, two day shifts. A firefighter stays up for twenty-four hours on duty at their firehouse ready to go out and do their job. However, after the twenty-four hour shift is over they get a forty-eight hour break to go home, get some rest, and enjoy the family. They explained the firefighters do not just fight fires but also go into scenes and act as a paramedic. Every firefighter is required to learn how to be a paramedic in case of their being a car accident or a fire. They will have the ability to treat a civilian and sustain them until a paramedic comes and takes them to the hospital.

The next speaker the students saw worked in the cyber security and protection agency. The women explained how social media, like Facebook and Twitter, gather information on what you like and do not like and bring it up on your medias feed. With the things you like they also bring up advertisements on your feed and lure you into buying things such as clothes or accessories. The women gave an example explaining what you do on Facebook and how data is recorded. She said if you like a picture of a cat continuously or you like pictures of a certain movie character, you will get advertisements or things that involves cats or things that involve with that certain actor. She also informed the students that the government is also listening to conversations from your phone even if it is not on. She had an example that a person had asked their google home device what they thought about the device Alexa, he said a compliment and Alexa responded “Thank You” even though no person spoke to the Alexa device. That caught the student’s attention and realized that someone is listening to what someone does. The speaker topped her presentation off by explaining what could happen if someone hacks into your personal accounts. She explained how your Social Security is very valuable and how it is important to keep it safe. Once a person can figure out your things, it can really hurt your credit and identity in the world.

The last people that the students saw were two entrepreneur women who have their own business and website. They talked about where and how they started their careers as an entrepreneur and the daily things they had to go through. They gave their background stories and talked about what inspired them to become a successful business women. These young women were very special because they talked about their inspiration in their work and how it led them to start their own business or be in a big corporation. They talked to the audience with aspiration and told the kids that they could do anything they set their minds to. They also talked to the students about college and to not be afraid if they were still unsure of what they wanted to major in. They explained to the students that it is very important to love your job and go to a career that you do not have to feel forced to go. They emphasized that work should motivate you to do better at your job and with that it could potentially get you a promotion or raise. With motivation comes the ability to do whatever you set your mind to and do good at the things you always wanted to be good at. Most of the students were amazed that two women worked so hard to be good at their jobs and were surprised of how old they were and had a business. It taught the students a very important lesson that they should never let any obstacle get in their way of what they can and cannot do.