Changes bring about longer lunch periods for studentts


Students in the cafeteria enjoying the benefits of a longer lunch period.

Nick Fuentes, Staff writer

St. Joseph High School has brought on a new schedule change as of this year, which changes the lunch period completely.


Rather than having three smaller lunches labeled A, B, and C, lunch is now a 40 minute period, just like all of the other classes. The change from three short lunches to two longer lunches is due to the school day being extended 30 minutes this year.


This, along with the total number of periods being raised to nine, forced administrators to change the lunch schedule.


Students all have different opinions on whether the decision to change the lunch period was good or not.


“I thought it was stupid, it doesn’t take people that long to eat,” says Dana Luczak. “The only benefit was that I’d get more time to study, which was basically another study hall. Sometimes I eat my lunch so fast (that) I just watch people eat their own. Another point to bring up is that they close the kitchen 30 minutes into lunch, so we basically get the same lunch period and the other 15 minutes is spent sitting there.”


Many students believe that the extra time added on to the lunch period is wasted, as it essentially becomes another study period, which most students already have.


The simple fact is that students don’t take 40 minutes to eat their lunch.


Not all students are against the change, however. Some students believe that the added time is useful, and that having two study halls does benefit their school day.


“I see a point in going to study hall even though lunch is longer. Study hall gives me over 40 minutes to work while lunch, after eating, gives me less time,” says Anthony Calabrese, a junior. “Overall, I believe the change in making lunch a separate, full period was a good decision. It gives students more time to work, and it doesn’t rush them to eat their lunch quickly.”