Freshmen adapting to new life, experiences at St. Joe’s


Members of the Class of 2022 make their way into the building on the first day of school.

Skylar Grammas, Staff writer

High School is a very important time in everyone’s life. It can either your best years or your worst, and adjusting from eighth grade to freshman year can be very difficult for many students.

The freshmen have already experienced a lot of firsts here, like their first spirit week and first time out of uniforms, their first pep rally, and many other things like the Olympic Day and the after-school activities during spirit week.

But beside all that fun, the freshmen had to get used to things like the changing schedules, a lot of homework, and new teachers. All of these new things to get used to plus being the youngest in a completely new school can be a new scary adjustment for people to make.

“It’s going well, I kind of like it more than my old school, but the air conditioning problem at St. Joe’s makes it a bit harder to focus, but I like it here, it’s very small and not hard to get lost in,” Monse Cepeda said when asked how she was liking school in general.

A big thing that was a big change for the freshmen was the changing schedule. Most kids were used to just going to the same classes at the same time every day, but now they have to make sure they are attending the right class at the right time, which can be kind of confusing for someone just getting used to high school as a whole.

“At first, I was kind of confused, it kind of felt like a mess but now I’m starting to adjust, and now I know what period I go to at what time,” Camila Garcia said about the changing periods.

There are a lot of differences between private schools and public, as many kids came from public schools to St. Joe’s. They have to wear uniforms and pray every day before every class, and we have many masses and prayer services throughout the year.

“The classes rotate, and we have to wear uniforms, which I have never had to wear before,” Cepeda says about the differences between her grade school, (Westchester Middle school) and high school.

Another major thing that the freshmen get to learn about and enjoy is the extra-curriculars that St. Joes offers, like sports, the music ensemble, art club, film club, student council and many more. Most freshman do not have jobs yet, so they have more free time after school, and they can fill that by participating in sports like soccer, volleyball, football, and basketball.

“I’m already in film club, I’m going to do basketball for sure, soccer… yeah those are the two I want to do,” Garcia comments about the extra-curriculars she wishes to join this year.

Even though high school is a big adjustment for the freshmen, they will adapt to the new setting very quickly and learn to enjoy their time in high school, because it really does fly by. They will make the most of their years here at St. Joseph High School.