Homecoming week and Olympic Day huge successes


Mya Seaton, Correspondent

St. Joseph High School kicked off the school year with a bang as we had our first Olympic Day and celebrated our Homecoming dance.

Olympic day was an all-day event the Friday before Homecoming Week that consisted of sports, video games, snacking, and most importantly, enjoying the company of our fellow Chargers. The theme being masquerade, each graduating class was assigned a hall and their corresponding colors to decorate and represent their amount of creativity, as well as having each homeroom door designed to then later vote whose was best.

After the designing, the entire school had lunch- either indoors or out- and we enjoyed the company of our friends and teachers as we also obtained cotton candy, popcorn, and snow cones. When we were satisfied with our treats, we were then treated to outdoor games that had each grade go against one another while others were given the option to play videogames back inside the school. Towards the end of the day, we were then given competitions to go against students and staff.

During Homecoming Week, there were many activities planned during the day as well as after school to occupy our Chargers. We were given ice cream, played musical chairs, and took pictures with masks on to name a few of our activities. The Junior and Senior girls played a powderpuff game and there were many others including volleyball, soccer, and football throughout the week to go to and support. On the Friday before the dance, there was a pep rally that named all the fall senior players and their managers for each sport.

Afterwards, the homerooms that won for best design were announced, the winners being Ms. Foss and Ms. McGinn’s homerooms and the juniors won for best hallway. The event then transgressed into relay races; it involved playing a game of tic-tac-toe while blindfolded and connected to four people going against the winners. The groups were the freshmen versus sophomores, and the juniors versus seniors. The freshmen and seniors then competed, leaving the seniors victorious. The rest of the afternoon swiftly passed by, leaving everyone content and excited for the weekend to bring us the homecoming dance.