Saving lives, one pint at a time


Nick Fuentes, Staff writer

Saint Joseph High School will really live up to its phrase “we bleed charger red” in just a few short days. This year’s blood drive is coming very soon, and some students are getting very excited to donate to a good cause.

The blood drive will take place on Monday, October 29. People can donate blood from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the gym.

LifeSource is hosting the blood drive, with the intention on saving up to three lives with every donation from the students and faculty. All participating donors will get a free LifeSource shirt.

In order to donate, you must sign up with Mr. Fedinec, who is located in the 400 hallway. Walk-ins are welcome, however, it is recommended to get an appointment.

There are many blood donations at St. Joe’s, as many students look forward to donating as much as they can every year. Students feel good knowing that every donation can save a life somewhere in the world. Some students even try to donate more than once.

“I am (donating this year), I also donated last year! My body is able to give away blood, so I figured why not. I find it a little fun,” says Dana Luczak, junior at St. Joseph. “I think humans should help each other out, and this is doing that. You also have the chance to save someone’s life.”

Dana is just one of many students happy to donate as much blood as they can. Students at St. Joseph love helping the community and giving donations whenever they can.

Lucia Gonzalez is also excited for the blood drive.

“I’m donating because I know it will help people. I preferably would like to help as many people as possible. I hope that with donating this blood, since I finally can, I can give people a better shot,” she said. “I believe that blood drives are important because it gets kids to help people and be more active in their community.

“St. Joe’s is a good school to host a blood drive because the student body here seems to care about issues. We’re also a small school. At a school we’re able to get the word out more and get more people involved.”

The positivity as St. Joseph is high as the blood drive gets closer and closer. Monday looks to be a very active day in the community around St .Joe’s. However, the future of blood donations at St. Joe’s is unclear, as less and less people are deciding to donate, meaning we need as many people as possible to donate this time around.