Seniors prepping, stressing over next step


Up next for the seniors is college – but that hasn’t taken away the focus of what’s still left in school – the dreaded senioritis.

Skylar Grammas, Staff writer

The second quarter has just recently started, and seniors are starting to really feel the stress and pressure of College decisions and preparation. A lot has to be done in a very small amount of time, and the seniors are really feeling that.

At this age, many kids don’t really know what they want to do or become, it’s a big decision to make considering this is the rest of your life. Many students feel a pressure of feeling like they need to know exactly who they want to be and what they want to do with the rest of their life, even though our first couple of years at college is mostly general education.

A lot of changes will happen once we near our graduation date.

“One thing I’m most nervous for it the changes that are gonna be happening,” said senior Nick Shuflit. “We’re gonna be seeing our high school friends less and less because we will be all wrapped up in college or work, and time with friends will be dwindling because everyone will be busy.”

Many people will be moving away for college and we might not get to see some of our closest friends a lot anymore because of many factors like distance, and scheduling. For many of us this is the biggest first glimpse into adult life because we have to balance school, work and our relationships a lot more than we did in high school.

Seniors also have to make the decision of what kind of school they want to go to, Community college, a university, or a trade school, or none at all and go directly into working. There are a lot of pros and cons to each one, but it is still a very crucial decision to make.

This time is a very nerve-racking, stressful but exciting and crucial time in our lives, and we need to remember things can always change, right now we just need to have a general idea, and start thinking about what we are most passionate about.