Preparing for the worst, Chargers show their best

Active Shooter Drill a success as safety committee looks to protect staff, students


Curtains are drawn and the lights are out as students participate in an active shooter drill.

Tyarese Freeman, Staff writer

Since Columbine happened in the spring of 1999, there has been a steady increase in school-related shootings in the United States.


In recent years, that number has seemed to increase exponentially as every other week there is a report of an active threat going on inside of a school.


In an attempt to be prepared for such a situation if it were to ever occur, St. Joseph High School participated in an Active Shooter Drill on Friday, Oct. 5 during last period.


The drill was to practice what proper protocol would be if, in fact, we were ever placed into a situation like this during the school day. The drill was set up by St. Joseph’s safety committee – Dean Kalal, Mr. Janco, Ms. Pool, Ms. Foss and Ms. Mucho.


The drill was something that Dean Kalal has wanted to practice for a while to make sure that everyone would be on the same page when it came to safety and preparedness.


“I’m so happy that teachers and students alike are thinking about ways to make our building and school environment safer,” Dean Kalal said. “It’s so important to really listen to the students’ suggestions because they know the ins and outs of the building as we as, if not better than, any adult in the building.


“We still have plans to make moving forward, but I think that we have come a long way safety-wise as a school within the past two years.”


Students were quiet, respectful and participated fully in the drill.


For some students, it was a repeat of and further practice for a dramatic real-life situation. For others, it was their first go-round with such an event.


Ms. Pool, who has been on the safety committee for two years now, was impressed with how the students handled themselves throughout the event.


“I was very impressed how well the students and staff did during our active threat drill,” Ms. Pool said. “Everyone communicated and participated in a positive way helping the drill run effectively. I think the small steps that the safety committee has implemented this year are working to continue the safety of our school community.”