Juniors prepping for ACT Prep class

Juniors prepping for ACT Prep class

Nick Fuentes, Staff writer


ACT tests are coming up very soon for juniors all over the country, and every school is trying their best to prepare the students for one of the biggest tests of their school lives. This test will take place from February anytime through July, and can be the determining factor to what college each student will be accepted into, and so many students are trying their best to prepare.

Students at St. Joseph High School have the option, like many other schools, to take an ACT preparation class.

This class teaches students helpful tips for the test, and studying practices to ensure students get the best possible score that they can get. St. Joseph did host a practice ACT test that all juniors were required to participate in as a way for students to understand where they fall on the point scale.

However, some students question whether the ACT class will truly help them on their test, or if it is just a waste of their money.

Reinel Baldon, an honors level junior at St. Joseph, weighs in on the debate.

“I do believe that the ACT practice is worth it. I think this because practice is the only way you can get better at the ACT and it will help you understand the subjects on the test,” he said. “The difficulty of the practice ACT at St. Joes did not surprise me. We had already taken tests like the ACT in our freshman and sophomore years that were very similar.”

Not all juniors believe that the ACT practice is helpful however. Many believe that what they learn in the class should be more about the questions on the tests, rather than test taking strategies for the day of the test.

Some students are also very concerned about the upcoming test, as they want to get a score that they are proud of.

“Yes, I am very nervous. I got a 19 on the practice test while my friend got a 28. I’m not aiming high, but I’m trying to get at least a 25,” says Dana Luczak, a junior. “I’ve heard bad reviews about the classes that this school provides for the ACT. Mostly that it just teaches us tricks and we don’t practice the problems that are likely to be on the ACT.”

The choice is still up to each student whether or not they will pay to take the preparation class. Depending on what each student needs to improve on, the class may be helpful, or it may not be. Only time will tell whether the class truly does prepare students for the test.