2018 Adopt-a-Kid another success


Every Christmas season, St. Joseph students and teachers buy gifts for those les fortunate

Julian Maldonado, Staff writer

Every year near the end of November, St. Joseph High School runs their annual holiday tradition called Adopt a Kid. This special event is an amazing thing because every homeroom gets two or more children in need that don’t get what we get during the Christmas season.

By us doing this at least some children get blessed with two gifts.

Adopt a kid has been around at St. Joseph for a long time now, since our school is such a giving school and so caring for the community why not start something for the holiday season for children who don’t have anything. Every homeroom gets blessed with two children from different range of ages once assigned the classroom comes together with donations from each student to get at least two gifts for each child assigned.

If the classroom has already gotten the gifts for their children they have the choice of getting a third child to bless also.

Many schools may do something different around the holiday season but for Joe’s it’s something special every student and facility can enjoy in helping others, along with helping they have gotten good deed for the month of December. Being a part of Joe’s is such a warm hearted feeling around the time of giving, no matter what day or season we always can give back to those who later can pay it forward.