Chargers fighting through coldest winter in recent memory


Taylor Griggs, Correspondent

St. Joseph High School survived an extreme polar vortex in February by not being in school for five school days.

Two of the days that classes were not in session were originally planned when the rest of the school calendar was organized. Only two of these days from this break were considered snow days.

However, these were not the average snow days that students may have expected as they scrambled in the parking lot, Tuesday afterschool, scraping their cars free of ice and snow.

“It was so cold outside it burned,” said senior Solomon Clark. “I stayed inside and watched the news. It was like Antarctica out there.”

The popular response out of the Chargers was that they didn’t dare venture outside.

“I didn’t go outside, I stayed in my room,” said sophomore SiSi Gomez. “It looked really cold. Even my door had ice on it.”

Every teacher assigned work over the break as an attempt to keep us in the right learning mindset as if we were literally in school. This was also done so that we would not fall behind schedule with the curriculum.

Luckily, the Chargers were very responsible and showed that we can be scholars in and out of school.

On a more exciting note, the polar vortex did not stop our Charger boys from playing basketball. Their game went on as scheduled and despite the weather many people still came out to support.

Many Chargers spent their mini break indoors relaxing with each other in the heat. Some even tried to hibernate in bed until it was warmer outside. Meanwhile others went outside to embellish the snow and cold temperatures. They did this by going sledding and even rolling around the snow in their own yards.

Nonetheless, St. Joseph’s accidental, second winter break was an overall interesting experience.