Getting Ready for Homecoming Week


Students participating in Olympic Day festivities on Friday, Sept. 13.

Eduardo Manzarez, Staff writer

With homecoming week upon us, many students at St. Joseph want to know what’s going on this week to celebrate.


To start, tickets to the Homecoming dance are $20 per person. Ticket order sheets were passed out last week in homeroom and need to be turned in for any student to attend the dance.


One neat thing about this year’s Homecoming is the theme. This year’s theme is a play off the popular board game Candyland.


“It is Chargerland, how sweet it is to be a Charger,” said Ms. McGleam, Dean of Students and Student Council moderator, on the choice of theme this year. “The Students liked it to be about the game Candyland, that’s why you’ll see a lot of Candyland things.”


Ms. McGleam really looks forward to homecoming every year. Her favorite part is the Friday night game before the homecoming dance. But she also enjoys the fun actives the student council comes up with for the students.


“Me personally, I’m the coach and an athlete so I always like the Friday night game, however with the way that we run student council now my favorite part is listening to the students input on the activities we do throughout the lunches and the pep rally. So I like what the students have been creating for themselves,” said Ms. McGleam


Homecoming should be fun for everyone and that’s how Ms. McGleam wants it to be. She also wants to show how the Chargers can be responsible. She doesn’t students to take advantage of the free days and not bend rules.


“I want homecoming to be a fun, uplifting experience for the whole school community,” she said. “I also would like our students to portray school spirit and how fun it is to be a charger to our younger perspective families. What I don’t want to happen – especially in my Dean roll – is for students to take advantage of days such as Olympic day and the fun activities and they take them for what it’s worth and not bend rules or anything like that so that we can still have those in the future.”


Homecoming week kicked off with Olympic Day on Friday, Sept. 13. Activities included the always fan favorite Dodgeball, with two inflatable houses out on the soccer field for students to partake in, as well. The day started with door and hallway decorating, as well as the school’s first Mass of the year. The day ended with a water ball toss.