The Pro’s and Con’s of all this technology


Alexis Holmes, Correspondent

Technology has changed over the past one hundred years, because over time people have evolved and invented more modern things that mostly benefits society. Technology plays a big role in everyday life; without technology the world would not be put together as will and it would take a lot longer for things to get done.


While today we have luxuries like Smart Phones, email and social media, back in the day, new technology would have qualified as things like electricity, which means we wouldn’t have any lights in our houses or schools, no air conditioning in the summer and no heat in the winter. So, thinking back to the past, you may not realize how lucky you really are to be living in an up-dated world even though technology lets us down sometimes.


One big part of technology is the television.  One-hundred years ago there was no television, the first TVs was made in 1939 but was not sold until 1942. Before the Television came out, they made movies. The first kind of movies was a frame from Roundhay Garden scene, which was the world’s earliest surviving film. They produced this movie using a motion picture camera, made by Louis Le Prince in 1888 in black and white because they did not develop color in this generation this first movie sparked many ideas and inventions to make movies even better. One of the life changing movies of this generation was The Wizard of Oz, which was the first ever movie to have color in the scenes. The movie came out August 25, 1939. People of this generation didn’t know what exactly where the colors came from, but everyone didn’t want then to go away. This set the movie world to creating and thinking more.


Electricity really helped change the way people lived every day. This influenced more people to create newer and better things that are helping us, but in some ways are harming us, too.


One-hundred years ago there were no factories to process food, drinks, and clothing which seems like no problem to us now because we can just go to the store and buy these things. When you think back to this time everyone pretty much had to make their own clothing either by hand or with a spinning wheel because remember there were no stores or sewing machines.


The earth we live on is being taken advantage of by companies that believe polluting the earth that we live on to make products that may or may not be relevant to society is more important than keeping our one and only earth safe and healthy. In one year 14 billion pounds of garbage is dumped into the ocean. This is ridiculous, by doing these things we are killing animals’ lives and habitats. Destroying natural habitats of our ocean life can also lower our population because if you went to the store to buy fish or any sea life you don’t realize that all the garbage that was put into the ocean has now been eaten by many of the sea life.


This means all the garbage inside of them is what we are mostly eating. Garbage in the ocean is not the only problem because over 1 million sea birds and sea mammals are killed just by the air, we breathe each year and the number has gone higher and higher. Eventually we will have no more sea life on earth.


Pollution is not only bad for the environment it is also very bad for living species. Out of the entire world, 90% of the air we breathe is polluted air which means the chances of us getting clean air is 10% out of 3,958.8 miles of earth and over 7.53 billion people. Pollution is a major problem throughout the world and if nothing changes quickly, we may not have a planet to call home.


Pollution is not just a word we use to define toxic gases that come from factories, just garbage all in the water supply, or even metal all under the surface which makes it hard to grow proper crops. Pollution is a combination of all because there is no true definition, the definition of pollution is not only on earth it’s throughout the universe and in every part of the world. The earth we live on is a very fragile thing and it can be gone whenever God feels like we’re abusing the earth.  Pollution can only be changed if we decide to change the way we live, but nothing is going to changes unless we do. We can only live on earth for so long and it would be terrible if we couldn’t enjoy our lives because of pollution.


All the technology that has been created to help make the world a better place and easier for the people may have been better for work purposes and lower prices on items when shopping and even better transportation but what has it done to our one and only home. All the animal life being taken away to create all the factories and fossil fuels being burned from cars and buses have only polluted our world more even though the technology is updated and helpful. We all need heat or air or even both depending on where you live but do, we need to pollute our world when we have other options.


Technology is great but the one earth we have is more valuable than any new mobile or factory.