Happy Birthday to St. Joseph as we celebrate 60 years


Grace Rostello, Staff writer

As of this year, St. Joseph High School is celebrating the anniversary of 60 years of school. From 1960 all the way up to 2019, St. Joseph has brought many memories along the way.

As the school has been open for 60 years (with way more to go, by the way) there is a man who has been there teaching the students here for nearly 30 years. In the times that Vic Zitzer has been teaching he has had his most exciting times from being at St. Joseph.

“I like that every day, every year is different, and I don’t know what I will get, and I appreciate that, and you watch every generation pass and you have that idea,” Mr. Zitzer said. You stay excited about each class and each year and you’ll watch the nice progression.”

In the early days, St. Joseph was situated off of Mayfair Ave., north of its current location. Soon after, Immaculate Heart of Mary opened, and was situated in the current St. Joseph building.

From the 1960’s until now, a lot of things have changed in the buildings and the students attending the school. St. Joseph only now uses one building for school and the boys and girls are combined. The uniforms have also changed from the girls wearing skirts and boys wearing dress shirts and ties.

“I always think that we are better in who our teachers are and that we always had Coach Ping around, as well as Mr. Q, Mr. Zitzer, people like that,” said Mrs. McGleam. “Seeing all their hard work pay off for their 30 plus years, Mr. Riley as well, seeing all of their hard work pay off going into our 60th year.”

One beautiful thing about St. Joseph is that anybody has always been welcome to be a student. Also, with all the sports and clubs that are provided in the school and all the hard-working teachers that are helping the students can grow as people.

The school itself is very small but that makes for having less children in classes and more attention for the teachers to have on the learning progress.

“I love the fact that everybody gets along, we are so diverse and so unique and were not super big, so were not like a thousand something person school you can’t remember anybody’s name and don’t know everybody. I really like the size of St. Joes and how we get along,” said Mr. Fedinec.

St. Joseph High School has provided a Catholic education that has proven to benefit over 10,000 students since 1960.  Graduates testify to the family atmosphere and the relationships they developed in the four years of school.

The academic and extra-curricular opportunities that are provided help shape the students and encouraged them to do better in life.

As we are reach 60 years of St. Joseph, we are opening to new journeys for the years coming.