Collecting ‘soles’ for a good cause


The Dance team is collecting shoes for a fall shoe drive.

Angel-Michelle Guajardo, Staff writer

Sue Kruvalis is a staff accountant in finance in the room of the business office, she’s also the coach for the cheerleading squad. Currently, they’re in need of money for the uniforms and the equipment of the cheerleaders. Kruvalis is helping on running the funds2orgs, where they collect shoes from those who don’t need them and give it to those with no shoes whatsoever.  

“It helps people in need with no shoes, in the united states and in other countries,” Ms. Kruvalis said. “And they pay you for the shoes… we wanted to do it because I’ve heard other people that have done it and they’ve been very successful with it.” 

She hopes on being successful with it as well, hoping to receive 100 bags which is 25, 000 shoes and the total will come up to $100,000. She has sold 6 bags and seems very happy with that number, but she’ll be on cloud nine if she had those 100 bags as planned. She stated that she’ll only be doing this fundraiser for two months, ending November 16th.  

“I just thought it’ll be a nice way to help out the school, help the cheerleaders, have the cheerleaders learn how to raise money themselves, so they could learn the value of a dollar,” she said. “And bring the community in the St. Joes and to have them help us out as well. And we’re not asking for money, we’re asking for something that most people always disregard.” 

That right there and a is a beautiful way to bring the community into the school. A fundraiser to help the school and the community combined, a win-win situation. According to Ms. Kruvalis, the cheerleading mats cost up to $1, 000, so those shoes are really going to be a big help. All Ms. Kruvalis wants is for the girls to learn a valuable lesson in collecting these shoes and giving them to the funds2orgs fundraiser and to teach them a lesson. 

“Don’t just give away the shoes that you don’t use anymore because I bet someone else will use it,” Ms. Kruvalis said. “It’ll teach the girls a lesson on giving back those you have received. Appreciate what they have and always pay it forward.”  

She also wants to teach other students in the school, not just the cheerleaders, a lesson on how to give what you got, not just St. Joseph but all schools in general. She’s hoping that other kids will take note of what she says and pays it forward to the next generation. The 2000 – 2001 generation are growing up, they’re practically adults by now. They need to teach the 17-year-olds and down the value of giving what you don’t need.  

“Always give back what you don’t need and be thankful that you had it in your possession for as long as you had,” she said. “Because those who don’t have it are the less fortunate ones. Give what you don’t need.” 

Hopefully, they take her words into consideration.