Add some music to your day


Jessica Watts, Staff writer

We all know that music is a universal language that draws people together, which is exactly what the St. Joe’s Music Ensemble intends to bring to the community.


For the past four years, Mrs. Janet Reif has been directing the Music Ensemble and teaching music to the very talented kids involved in the program.


The SJHS Music Ensemble sings at school masses, a Christmas concert in December, and even in the spring musical. They also meet for rehearsal/class every Tuesday at 7:15 AM and Thursday at 7:45 AM.


Because it is also a graded class, students involved in the program get half of a credit at the end of the year.


Director Mrs. Janet Reif had this to say about the ensemble, “I hope to have another successful musical this year. That’s my main goal. I also hope we can attract more talented people this year.”


Although most of that songs that the SJHS Music Ensemble performs are church related, they also perform songs that are loved by the student body. Whether it’s a song by an artist that they love or from an Oscar-nominated movie, the Music Ensemble tries to perform songs that are appreciated by all.


“I really like the songs we do,” ensemble member Chazz Banks says. “I have also heard from my friends that they like them too, which is nice.”


Last year, the Music Ensemble was involved in the SJHS theatre department’s production of Jesus Christ Superstar. They sang in the chorus to add extra layers of vocals to add an even bigger sound to the production. This year, they will also be participating in the musical. It has not been decided yet what it’s going to be, but the Music Ensemble will be working extremely hard to make it an amazing experience for everyone involved.


“The musical was by far my favorite part about last year,” said theatre and Music Ensemble member Skyler Miller. “I liked how it drew us all together to make one beautiful thing. I can’t wait to do it again this year!”


The SJHS Music Ensemble keeps the idea that music is what draws people together, which is why they are constantly working hard to make beautiful pieces to be loved by all.