Students adapt to e-learning thanks to Pandemic

Students adapt to e-learning thanks to Pandemic

Jessica Watts, Staff writer

In March of this year, the students of Saint Joseph High School found out that they would be E-learning at home for two weeks due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.  Little did we know, it would be a lot more serious than that. What started off as a small “break,” turned into a worldwide pandemic we will never forget.

At the beginning, most students were very excited and looking forward to not having to physically go to school for two weeks. Although we were still focused on school, it was nice to do math problems from the couch instead of the classroom. We were also all not expecting COVID-19 to take as much of a hit to our communities as it already has.

Sophomore Elani Williams gave her two cents about how the Coronavirus has affected her daily life.

“Being stuck in the house has been boring and it’s definitely not something I’m used to. However, I’m glad we’re still being given work because it gives me something to do and it doesn’t make me feel useless,” Williams says. “I like that I’m still attempting to learn instead of just sitting around.”

Most people would think that the students are elated about not going to school, but most of us are pretty bummed. We miss seeing our friends and teachers at school, we miss going out on the weekends, and most importantly we miss getting a hands-on education instead of a virtual one. We seem to be pulling through and helping each other out along the way but can’t help but wonder what life would be like if we were at school.

Although all grade levels have their downsides to E-learning, the Seniors are feeling especially downhearted. Not only was the last quarter of their Senior year taken by COVID-19, but so were some of their “lasts”. Between Kairos, Prom, and Graduation, the Seniors have had to make a lot of sacrifices for this pandemic.

Senior Julee Paradee is one of many Seniors who was impacted very harshly.

“My corona experience has been crazy to say the least. It has also helped me realize all the things that I took for granted while living a normal life. I live with my grandmother but haven’t been able to hug or kiss her due to the virus,” Paradee stated. “It has changed my view on a lot of things I used to do on the normal. E-learning has been an experience that I hope students in the next few years won’t have to experience. I notice now how much I love the school environment surrounded by all my friends.”

Because of the loving, family-like community at Saint Joseph High School, the students have banded together to get through the remainder of the year. Whether it’s advice on how to stay focused or help with a homework assignment, we students have truly been relying on each other more than usual. Our teachers have also gone above and beyond to make sure us students are equipped with everything we need to succeed.

Although COVID-19 has impacted all of us in a lot of different ways, the students and faculty of St. Joseph High School are working together to make E-learning as simple as possible. With summer break around the corner, we are trying to keep a positive mindset and working tirelessly to finish strong. If all goes well, we are also looking forward to coming back to school in the fall.