Surviving Senior year in a pandemic


Rachel Barnes, Staff writer

Senior year. A year filled with work, activities, and lots of bittersweet moments. Well, that was up until the global coronavirus pandemic started. This year, it is looking very different for many seniors across the nation being that we now have a hybrid schedule that has been placed.

With that being said, many students around the world, and even here at St. Joseph High School, have expressed their concerns and opinions about the current situation at hand and how they think senior year will look.

Class of 2021 Senior Chazz Banks stated, “To be honest, I thought that this year was going to be worse. It is both in-person, and online and so as long as I get to see everyone again, then I am okay with it.”

Another class of 2021 Senior, Daniyah Cole also had something to say about the situation, stating: “I feel like senior year is being overshadowed by the pandemic. There is so much uncertainty about what will happen with our senior year activities and our prom”.

With all of the uncertainty, many school activities such as the homecoming football game, the homecoming dance and Olympic day have now either been pushed back, put on pause, or cancelled. Sports as well are another activity that has been put on hold because of the pandemic.

In a way, it kind of sets back many senior athletes who were looking forward to getting scholarships for college and who were ready to do what they loved one last time in their high school career. On the other hand, the school year has just begun and there still may be a chance of sports being able to happen again.

Tricia McGleam, the associate Principal at St. Joseph High School spoke about her plans for this years’ seniors and stated that what we do is based on the fate of what happens with everything that is going on right now.

“Any of our plans would have to adjust to current CDC guidelines, and so our plans right now are to provide a graduation and a prom and all of the senior year activities as normal, but if Covid were to affect that in any way, then we would have to re- adjust how things are going to be done,” Mrs. McGleam stated.

To add on to all of this, there are still students whose parents are having a hard time right now financially and are having a hard time paying the school fees. As we all know, the pandemic has caused many people to lose their jobs, leaving them stranded and having to look for another job to be able to provide for their children and their education.

Parents have even been homeschooling their children, leaving some having to teach them on their own. However, some people have received stimulus checks to help them. With that being said, it is with all uncertainty that their children are able to be back learning in person (for those who already aren’t), and for those who already are to be able to continue.

As everyone within the teachers, staff, and even parents hold on to hope of being able to stay in school (or for some that are doing online and wanting to be in school), they are still fighting to do the best that they can day in and day out to make sure that it is a special year for not only the seniors, but for the rest of the students as well.