What’s old is new again – St. Joseph goes back to 2:30 dismissal, new homeroom schedule


Anthony Martin, Staff writer

Entering the new school year, St. Joseph High School decided to go back to the eight period, 2:30 p.m. dismissal school day. The previous two years saw the school impose a nine period, 3:00 p.m. dismissal, which was not easy to manage.

Although the extra period gave students an opportunity to try more electives and a chance to get all their needed credits, it was an extra class with more work to manage. Switching back to the eight period, 2:30 p.m. dismissal took some weight off both the students and the teachers.

Having Mr. Hotek as the principal again brought new ideas to the table. When he stepped up to the plate, he had the students and the teachers in mind while trying to do everything possible to make things suitable during the pandemic, with the help of Ms. McGleam.

“When Mr. Hotek took over as principal, he wanted to go back to a schedule that was realistic for our students during a pandemic. Also, it is more manageable for our teachers,” said Ms. McGleam.

The students could not be any happier. They now have less things to manage with school, which relieves some stress.

“I really love this schedule. It gives me quality time to go home to relax and be able to get some work done. I also like it because we don’t have to wear our masks for another 30 minutes,” said senior Tupac Holmes.

Having this schedule has made things run a lot smoother this school year during the pandemic. This year will go down in history.