Learning to live in a world with Covid-19

Learning to live in a world with Covid-19

Rachel Barnes, Staff writer

The question now is what’s next?

Covid-19 continues to roam our minds freely as we continue to fight through these times of uncertainty. At the beginning of this year, the world was shaken up after learning that there was a deadly disease that had started in China and that it was making its way to the U.S.  

At the time, there was not much that anyone knew about it (or at least the American people didn’t) and although it was spreading fast, Americans continued to go about their daily lives not knowing that what was about to happen next, would change everything. 

The infectious disease first  hit the state of Illinois on January 24, when there was news that the virus has reached Chicago after a woman who had returned from Wuhan, China contracted the virus and brought it back with her. The president issued a statement later that day stating that we should not be concerned and that they will handle everything and have it under control, but as of now, to just remain calm and keep clean. 

As weeks continued to go by, more and more cases began to pop up left and right, leaving the community to constantly worry about whether they would be next to have the deadly disease. By February, we were told that the spread was beginning to become more serious and that we would have to ban people from certain countries and states from coming into Illinois.

Even with the travel ban in place, the disease continued to get worse and worse. Everyday there was case after case and it was to a point whereas parents started to wonder if it was okay to be still going to public places such as work and for their children, school. 

On March 13, 2020, all schools in Illinois decided to close their buildings for two weeks because of the fact that the virus had gotten bad and at that point, it had even reached some high schools and workplaces as well. After the two weeks were up, more and more weeks were added, until there was a month that we had not been in school. By that time, the CDC had already said that we were officially in a pandemic, and that we should wash our hands and do the usual things we do to stay clean, although they had added other things as well.

The pandemic had reached new heights by March 20, 2020. Governor Pritzker ordered Illinois to be one of many states that had set a stay at home order for all the residents. The stay at home order stated that everyone except healthcare workers, and essential workers could go out. Also included in the stay at home order, no one could go outside unless it was to go to get groceries or needed medicines and essentials.

Lastly, we had to wear masks no matter where we went. 

For the next three months, the world continued to stay on lockdown, but with it came some changes. In April, the president released something that was called “The reopening of America.” The reopening of America was a layout plan that displayed four different phases and with the four different phases came fewer restrictions, moving in a direction where we could possibly get America back the way it was before the pandemic. 

Now, today, having been in phase four for a while, we have begun to see more restrictions lifted. Restaurants are now open for people to dine-in again, malls are open, and now you see more people getting out more and more each day. As for the mask situation, however, that is still something that we may have to deal with for a little while longer. 

Many people still are worried about what’s next. Unfortunately, is really sure. As it seems however, we may still be in this battle with Covid-19 for at least another two-to-three years.