Living in a world without (or at least with modified) sports


Anthony Martin, Staff writer

The sports world was at a standstill for all of spring and into most of summer due to the pandemic. Fans all over the world have been deprived of their favorite sports teams playing their respective sport.

Sports on every level were postponed for a good four months and some were even cancelled back in the late winter, including the professional, college, and high school level. Everyone is posting things all over social media about how they feel during this pandemic and how it is affecting them. This is what Sean Worrell, a professional sports fan, had to say about the situation.

“I was scared. When sports are cancelled, that means something serious is going on. Also, I was scared because sports are my life and I wouldn’t know what to do without them,” Worrell said.

Not only are the fans upset, but the players are too. After the pandemic taking away sports, the players were more eager than ever to start back playing than they were before. High school and college players especially were concerned about the possibility of missing an entire season of their sport.

While the NHL recently crowned its champion in the Tampa Bay Lightning, Major League Baseball had to condense down to a 60-game season to try to fit anything in and is currently in the wild card round of its playoffs. In the NBA, the Lakers are currently one win away from the championship, while the NFL has just had to postpone some games due to players and employees catching Covid on the Titans, Vikings and Patriots.

Even golf and tennis had to reschedule their major championships, with Wimbledon getting cancelled in tennis and the British Open being cancelled in golf. The Masters will be played in the fall for the first time next month after being rescheduled from April.

The weirdest part, now that professional sports have returned from their hiatus, is that we are now watching live sporting events without any fans – taking away much of the suspense that goes with watching a live professional sporting event.

Seniors in high school were afraid that they might not be able to play with their team one last time before going off to the next step into their life.

Matthew Mason is a senior and this is what he had to say.

“It made me feel very anxious. Knowing that only time can determine if we would be able to play or not is pretty nerve wrecking,” Mason said.

As we approach the fall season, more and more questions are being presented on whether there will be a season or not. By the way things are moving currently, there seems to be a possibility of having a season, while in the mist of the pandemic.