Charger students learn the importance of voting


Anthony Martin, Staff writer

Voting is your voice. People want to see change in their communities, but they do not go to vote on voting day and often are left complaining afterward.

As years have gone by, more people formulate the idea that their vote does not matter.

Unfortunately, if everyone obtains this mindset, there will not be any change.

To raise awareness in the student community, on Friday, Oct. 9, the teachers and faculty put together a presentation along with a few activities on voting and the history of voting. One of our teachers, Mr. Zitzer, gave a real-life example on how much your vote matters in his presentation. The speech in his presentation seemed to leave a positive mark on the students and the teachers.

After the presentation, students were given the chance to make their own voting boxes and propaganda signs. Students had the chance to make a poster, decorate a ballot box, create their own ballot, and create their own registration card with their homerooms.

When asked about how the voting presentation and activities affected her, this is what senior Sisi Gomez had to say.

“I thought the voting activities were very helpful because this election I have the opportunity to vote,” Gomez said. “The presentation and the resources the school provided really helped me to figure out who I am going to vote for.”

Having this eventful day gave the students a way to express themselves in a positive way. The students were very creative with the posters and ballot boxes. This is something that the students will not forget and will take with them as they get older. Use your voice and vote now!