Presidential election brings joy, confusion


Rachel Barnes, Staff writer

This year has had many ups and downs and through all of this, it has all lead up to one thing – the presidential election of 2020. In this year’s election, Donald J. Trump and Joe Biden face off to see who will become the next United States president. 

Many people have had their opinions about each candidate, and about who they think should win.

As for Donald Trump, many believe that he can “Make America Great Again,” or in this case, “Keep America Great,” as was his updated slogan, while there are others who think that he will only destroy the American economy. 

This comes from the fact that Trump is known for only caring about the business and money (or as others call it, a “business mindset”) rather than the safety and well-being of the American people. Also, through the world’s current global pandemic, he has yet to do anything to help the people of this country (besides maybe the stimulus check).Even though that is, however, his supporters continue to fight hard for him to stay in office. 

As for Joe Biden, other than the fact that he has received a ton of backlash from the Trump crowd and that fact that he may be too old to hold office, has also received an overwhelming amount of support from the people. The backlash comes from his past actions such as the 1994 crime bill which caused mass incarceration, and integration in the 1970’s. 

Besides this, Biden is said to be our “last hope,” and our “saving grace” to keep us from further destruction from Trump’s previous four years in office.

As a good amount of people decided to side with one opponent each, many others decided to not side with either, or to vote for other runner ups – those running as Independents or from other third-party parties. This comes from the fact that a lot of people believe that putting either one of them in office would not be a good idea.  

As we saw during the few presidential debates leading up to the election, it was pretty much a train wreck. This led people to see it as neither of them being fit for office. Others also saw it as the two of them being non- rational nor mature. Besides this however, one of them must still be picked to be president. 

As we sit on Nov. 12, Biden has received enough electoral votes – 290 to Trump’s 217 – and has been named our President-elect, all set to take over in January of 2021.

However, despite Biden winning key battleground states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Arizona, as well as a shocking win in Georgia, Trump is refusing to concede the election and is filing legal action against several states, claiming that Biden won fraudulently.

As we now await the hearing of who will be our next president, it has many anxious and on edge while others are hopeful that the person picked can actually make a change for the better.