Looking back at the first St. Joseph school newspaper


Yesenia Fuerte, Staff writer

We recently unearthed some old school St. Joseph High School newspapers, including the very first issue ever printed from way back on November 12, 1963, when The Lance used to be called The Spur.

So how different was life in the only issue to be released while John F. Kennedy was President (and a second issue where it spoke of his assassination just a week-and-a-half later? Here are some of the differences you’ll see in student life back then to what Chargers have today.

The first is that you’ll see an abundance of Brothers in the pictures – many of the teachers at the school nearly 60 years ago were strictly Christian Brothers. Also, the Spur covered topics like sports, band, films, drama and glee clubs. Also, one last difference is something called Channel J – this was a reminder of important things in general that week happening at the school, like sports, plays, parent meetings, and what days and times they were happening.

There were many competitions between homerooms, many intramural and interscholastic sports, as well, as the articles touched upon a number of things going on in school.

One major difference was that stories were a lot shorter in the early issues, as many of the stories were just two or three paragraphs, not giving much information but highlighting more things in general.

The Lance as we report on things now have more world and U.S. news and includes things going on around our community, state and country more so than the early editions did.