Heat Wave wreaks havoc on area schools, gives students half days

Rory Connor, Staff Writer

St. Joseph High School had half days all week during the last week of August due to an unprecedented heat wave the struck the area reaching temperatures of 96 degrees.

During the week of august 26th to august 30th St. Joseph High School was let out at noon every day to avoid the heat. With most people believing that the half days were exactly the right thing to do.

“I don’t think we could have handled full days, and no school would have ended with us having days added on to the end of the year when it was hot again,” said father Steve Newman, Religion teacher at St. Joseph.

Some students believe that school should have been cancelled all together with multiple kids being sent home early even with the half days due to heat related illness.

The argument made by students is that it is too hot to focus. When all a student can think of is how hot it is, it’s much like trying to read in a room full of loud people.

After such a ridiculous heat wave many hope that St. Joseph High School will find a solution to the unavailability of air conditioning.