To go…or not to go? That is the question

Marissa Miller

Christmas Vacation is coming soon and school will be out for two weeks.

What that means for many students and their families’ is that they are going out of town, either to see relatives or just for a vacation.

Several students already have plans to head out, although some are planning to just hang out in Chicago, including junior Christina Vargas.

“My mom’s best friend lives far so she comes to visit her family for Christmas and she stops over before then,” Vargas said, who added her mom’s friend only stays for about an hour to visit the family. After that, her sister and her parents go to her grandmother on her dad’s side. To conclude the night, they spend the rest of the night at their grandmother’s house on their mom’s side.

Valkyrie Rice said that she also stays in Chicago for Christmas break with her family.

“For Christmas my family and I spend majority of the day at my aunt’s house,” Rice said.

Not everyone stays in Chicago for the holidays, many do travel out of town either driving or flying.

Isaiah Allen says he travel to Indiana for the weekend on his Christmas break.

“I travel to Indiana to visit my aunt and cousins,” he said.

Different people do different things for the holidays. Everyone has different traditions because people have different cultures. Everyone celebrates different holidays in different ways, and some may not celebrate them at all.