Artistic Expressions at St. Joseph


Skylar Grammas, Sta

For years there hasn’t been an outlet for the artists of St. Joe’s. Finally, last January there was an art club created for the small number of artists at St. Joe’s.

Last year, sometime after Christmas break, the art club was formed. In the art club they gather and decide on a prompt for the month. Once they decide on a prompt they get about a month to come up with an art piece that fits into the prompt word.

They hope to not only enjoy creating art for themselves, but they want to share their art to the school and show the general public of St. Joe’s why art is so important. Many don’t realize the importance of art in the real world.

Art is everywhere and it in things we might not even notice. Art is in building structures and wallpapers and logos. Many may not notice this, and many may think art is just a good hobby unless you’re Van Gogh.

The art club in currently discussing a couple of new ideas to do for this Christmas season, and the art club is hoping to continue to grow and accept more members. They hope to make the club even more official and potentially take field trips and discuss art.

The members have thoroughly enjoyed the prompts and free open feeling of the art club. They like how they all can express themselves in whatever way they feel is best. They hope that the club will be continued even after the seniors who run the club leave.