Google changes privacy settings

Alexis Perez, Staff Contributor-Mr. Ermitage's Class

Have you ever used Google? Have you noticed little message saying we have changed our privacy and policy terms and showing click here to learn more or dismiss?

Well when Europe heard Google was changing their privacy and policy terms the authorities have told the internet leviathan to put off the start of this new privacy and policy terms. They did this so they can look over Google’s new privacy and policy terms. If us Americans have taken the time to look over Google’s new privacy and policy terms we could have found out something very frightening. Then now Facebook is also doing the same as Google.

The things that Google knows about you and holds it in their servers and just waiting for any hacker to hack in take information. The information it holds are every email you sent on g-mail, every chat you had on Google talk, holds every conversation you had on Google voice, every Google alert, your Google calendar and every content you had on it since you used it and everything you did ever since, it knows your contact list with all the information you have including yours and the people you know, has you Picasa pictures, news page indicating what you are interested and so on. If you ever searched anything such as a person, a symptom, a medical effect, and even a political and/or gossiped using Google’s services this is all saved in Google’s servers. Then thanks to Google algorithms it is easy to go through the data. Google can even track searches on your computer even when you are not logged in. Facebook has even more interesting things such as your pictures, your comments, your likes, your friends, and your un-friends. Everything you did can’t be deleted unless the people demand the government to stop it.

Now Google and Facebook are profiting from our information in ways we still do not fully understand but hackers are doing worse and have already been unlocking credit cards and private information. So the next time you use Google and Facebook you may want to remember what information these sites hold and that are waiting to be taken by hackers.