Trade schools may be the way to go (to college)

Alexus Brown, Staff Contributor-Mr. Ermitage's Class

With the cost of college tuition rising every year, and young adults unable to afford it, more people are turning to trade schools as the second option. Many families in this struggling economy need their children to work in order to pay the bills, and help support the family. Going to a trading school can solve this budding problem. Trade schools teach students whom range from various ages the learning skills they need to help them obtain a job. These skill building courses automatically give students the upper advantage of earning extra money, rather than applying for a job with no abilities whatsoever right after high school. Such schools are meant for students that want to directly join the work force.

Instead of going to a normal four year college, students that go to trade schools graduate faster. While most people get a job and earn the minimum wage, trading school students are able to get a job and gain benefits by automatically receiving more money within the first year since they had training. Besides some slight differences, trade schools act just like a regular university with dormitories on campus, scheduled meal plans, and classes to take during the year. Students learn how to fix appliances like air conditioners, central heating, engines… etc.

There are a few people who believe that trading schools are not useful since the majority of the student population have to take a high school curriculum because most of them are dropouts. Others call trade schools a miracle for giving students who are not intellectually prepared for a university an opportunity to succeed in the world. Many students say they have no choice, but to go to a trade school seeing as its affordable, effective, and a positive experience. Trade schools are growing in productivity with applications rising.