Warzone at Home, Chicago a Battlefield

Warzone at Home, Chicago a Battlefield

Alexus Brown, Staff Writer

The Taste of Chicago is not looking appealing right now, not with all the violence at a record breaking high this year.  There is a surge of brutal crime everywhere in America’s third largest city, most of it to do with guns.  On the weekend of August 24 to 26, nine people were killed and 37 were left wounded in the inner city.  The shootings began on Friday and didn’t halt until late evening on Sunday.  More than 300 people were arrested and 100 guns were apprehended. However, this is not the first time Chicago’s misconduct was reported. 

The previous weekend on August 18, six people were killed. It was labeled as the highest number of homicides in one day this entire year.  It rivals with the Memorial Day weekend which left 11 dead and more than 40 people injured.  Homicides have been on a rise and reached up to 27% in 2011.  Aldermen have called the police, claiming that gangs have no fear or respect for the law whatsoever.  Authorities have discovered that guns recovered from crime scenes were purchased in Cook County as stated by Chicago Sun-Times.

The police have tried to enhance their manpower, but are struggling because victims of nonfatal shootings refuse to cooperate with them.  There have been investigations of nearly 80% nonfatal shootings and 20% fatal shootings being recorded daily.  Last Thursday and Friday, 19 people were shot.  Just before then, 13 people were shot in merely 30 minutes. The bloodshed continued with 8 people shot on a single street. One woman was even shot in the arm while innocently walking to work.

“I go to sleep in my bedroom hearing gunfire all night.” Emmanuel Johnson, a seventh grader from Chicago’s Humboldt Park, said when walking home from school. The adults and kids in his neighborhood are scared that more bullets will miss intended targets and hit more harmless bystanders.

“They aren’t just killing rival gang members, but children and infants as well.” Oscar Ellis, a resident in Humboldt Park, said after coming from a funeral of a friend who died due to gun violence..  There are many additional shootings that weren’t reported because it’s overwhelming.

            Chicago Police Superintendent, Garry McCarthy, called the violence “not going to be over tomorrow”.  While Chicago has become the new hotspot for crime, the police have successfully stopped some delinquency over the past weeks.  Police responded well to a large group of teenagers pushing people into a street. Still, experts expect an escalation of the violence and with every area in the Windy City being harassed it will be a long time before Chicago can be peaceful again.