Snowstorm in the South

Alexus Brown, Staff Writer

When people think about the Southern United States, they think of sunshine and hot weather, not a snowstorm warning!  In Alabama, Interstate 65 suffered from a massive traffic jam that went up to no less than 8 miles during January 15.  Hundreds of motorists had to temporarily sleep in their vehicles overnight.  Approximately 4 inches fell in Alabama, coating the roads, and causing numerous car wrecks.  Most vehicles were slipping and skidding since Southern states don’t have the winter prep gear Northern states have.  The motorists spent up to 14 hours stranded in their vehicles until 4:00 am.

To pass the time, some people left their cars to build snowmen, having never seen much snow in their home state before.  Alabama Department of Transportation claimed they were prepared for the storm, but didn’t expect to see such car damage littering the roadsides.  In Mississippi, one death occurred when Johnnie A. Matthews rammed into a tree with his car on Highway 50.  Schools, colleges, and government offices were closed down until the unusual weather subsided.