Do we still celebrate Halloween or is it a thing of the (not so distant) past?


Juliana Fiore, Staff writer

With Halloween having just passed, it poses a very interesting question to high schoolers.   It approaches us differently so the real question is, are teens still dressing up and going trick-or-treating?  Each year, $1 billion is spent on children’s Halloween costumes. Also, $1.2 billion is spent on adult costumes, while $370 million is spent on pet costumes!  Barely any teenagers buy costumes unless they attend a costume party.

Halloween is changing for teenagers every year, they don’t get excited and the excitement of Halloween candy is easily forgotten.

Jesse Wilson, senior here at St. Joseph High School says, “I think teens still dress up on Halloween when they go to parties. Not all of us go trick-or-treating anymore because people are more reluctant to give teens candy.”

Kids are known to get pumped about the candy, decorations, costumes, and of course trick-or-treating.  Teens nowadays simply dismiss all of that and think they’re too old to trick-or-treat.

America is not the only country that celebrates Halloween, but it is the only one that “goes all out” and takes it seriously.  Teens are over the trick-or-treating but they show quite a bit of interest in haunted houses/haunted trails, Six Flags Fright Fest and going to the theaters to see scary movie with friends.  They often find it boring going door-to-door collecting candy.