The Forgotten Journey

Lent has become overlooked as the years pass

The Forgotten Journey

Jodarius Christy, Staff writer

During his 38 years at St. Joseph High School, Mr. Hotek has seen the Liturgical event of Lent change – and that’s not necessarily a good thing.

Over the years, he says, Lent has become less known and less celebrated. He also says that Lent isn’t has fully understood as much among the students and adults in the St. Joseph community.

“The reason why Lent isn’t fully understood is because the students aren’t necessarily Catholic,” Hotek said. “Even though Lent is a Christian thing, Lent isn’t the same in all communities.”

As an estimate, he says St. Joseph was 100 percent Catholic in previous years, but is only about 60 percent Catholic today. Also, in 1966, The Vatican Council II ended, which encouraged the Catholic Church to update itself.

“If you have more experience with Lent, then you have more experiences, but if you have little-to-no experience with it and it hasn’t been a part of life, you’re missing that part of your spiritual journey,” Mr. Hotek said. “There is a desire to want to know about Lent and what it is all about.”

Mr. Hotek admits that Lent is still a part of his journey, even after all these years. He says that he still sees parts of himself which need change.

“Lent is a time to look at your spiritual life, see where you are in spiritual journey with God and make your changes deeply within yourself,” Mr. Hotek said.